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U969 & U697 UL One-Way Viewers

  • UL Listed for use on fire door assembies rated at 1 hour.
  • Solid brass.
U696 U697
Door Thickness 1-3/8"-2-1/8" 2-1/8"-2-5/8"
Angle of View 150 150
Finishes B4, B26D B4, B26D

698 One-Way Viewers

  • Lens Project 1/4" from face of door.
  • Solid brass.
  • U698 for UL Listed
Door Thickness 1-3/8"-2-1/8"
Angle of View 190
Finishes B3, B26D

700 One-Way Viewers

  • Solid brass.
  • U700 for UL Listed
700 U700
Door Thickness 1-3/8"-2-1/16" 2-3/8"-2-1/16"
Finishes B3, B26D B3, B26D

780 Non-Electric Door Chime

  • Polished wrought barss, front plate, inset with satin black plastic push plate.
  • Chime case in ivory plastic.
  • Fits 1-1/4"-1-3/4" doors.
Front Width 2-1/2"
Height 4-9/16"
Proj. 1"
Chime Case:
Width 2-3/4"
Height 6-1/16"
Proj. 2"
Front Plate B3, B5, B26D Chime Case Ivory Plastic


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