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In the 1960's the first high security Medeco lock was invented and patented. This design has proven to be the greatest advanced in locking mechanisms in over a century. Its three dimensional pin tumbler mechanism must be operated by a special key - and each lock has a unique key to operate it. Medeco's locking principle made a distinction between the average lock and the high security lock which is virtually pick-proof and tamperproof. T he high security lock which Medeco manufactures discourages the burglary techniques of picking, drilling, unlocking with other manufacturers' keys, hammering, wrenching and prying. It is such a sophisticated design, yet so simple, that it has withstood extensive testing by security experts. The Medeco lock is the answer to the modern day necessity for high security. In addition to door locks, Medeco manufactures locks and lock cylinders for burglar alarms, computers, coin operated vending and laundry machines, bill changers and custom locks for manufacturers' equipment. Medeco also manufacturers a complete line of export lock cylinders to retrofit the major European lock manufacturers' lock hardware. Medeco's extensive line of replacement locks allows you to upgrade door lock hardware without going to the expense of replacing the hardware. When you add it all up Medeco offers you total protection from the inside out. Medeco belongs at the heart of every security application.




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