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At M.V.M., we have over 20 different types of key machines and over 200,000 key blanks currently in stock. As a result, we are able to produce all of the popular types of keys and locks such as Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Segal, Yale, Shlage, Sergeant, Arrow, Kwikset and several others. However, since we have such a large number of machines, we are also able to create lesser known brands of extremely high security keys and locks such as: Miwa, Fichet, Assa, Schlumberger, Abloy, Skeleton Keys and Kwikset-Titan. These are only a few of the keys that we are able to create, duplicate and key to your specific needs.
(Please email or call (718) 271-3300 for a complete list of available keys)

In addition to a wide variety of keys and locks, we also offer several types
of keying systems for you to chose from.
The below options are available for all types of keys and locks.

RESTRICTED KEYING - Offers the consumer the safety of knowing that in order to create duplicates to the keys, the signature of the original customer is required. Any alterations or duplications to the keying system must be done by the original locksmith, unless the consumer specifies otherwise.

- One Master-key accesses all the locks in a system, while other keys open only the locks that the original client has specified. M.V.M. products provide you with the option of a single-key access to your property: home, business, and vehicles. Locks are available keyed-different, masterkeyed or keyed-alike, so you decide who has access to each entrance.

- Similar to Restricted Keying, however, with Registered Keying, an authorization card is issued at the original transaction and is required anytime the consumer wishes to change the access on any keys and or wishes to make duplicate keys. The cards can be created to allow the locksmith to make whatever alterations and duplications are requested, or the consumer can opt to have only the manufacturer able to alter and duplicate keys.


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