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Miwa lock is recognized as the leading lock manufacturer in Japan supplying over fifty-five percent of the domestic market, also in the United Stated; Miwa locks are being used for all purposes and prides itself on in. Putting special emphasis on institutional security including hotels and commercial installations. Without a doubt, Miwa lock has the finest key control products in the world, manufacturing over 500,000 locks per month.
Miwa provides this magnetic system with 450,000 different combinations. This, of course, makes masterkeying a real pleasure, with no friction or contact between the key and the lock cylinder. The locks themselves have virtually little wear factor.
You will be very satisfied that you have chosen the Miwa Lock product. Contact us for a demonstration.

Call (718) 571-8440

Miwa locks are sold in 15 countries and are used in factories, government facilities, universities, schools, and businesses. Hospitals are also using this ideal lock on inventory rooms and drug cabinets.
Anywhere there is a need to control an area such as a swimming pool, tool room or clubhouse etc... Miwa has the lock to provide a control for each situation.
Storeowners are pleased that they need not rekey each time an employee leaves, because the storeowner can retrieve the key when the employee picks up their last check and knows the no other duplicates have been made. This makes rekeying unnecessary.
Again Miwa stands for the following:
                  AND LONGEVITY


Examples Of Miwa's Product Line

NTU Series
Applications: Residences,common entryways for condominiums.

Proximate key/card accesses control system. The cards or keyheads enable the electric locks and automatic doors unlock or open by bringing the cards or kyeheads close to the receiver units. As many as 8 cards (Keys) can be registered for the residential use and up to 6,400 can be registered for condos.


RKU Series
Applications: Residences,common entryways for condominiums.

Radio controlled system with as many as 1.6 million wave changes which ensures the perfect security.


TKU - 002

Applications: Residences, condominiums, dormitories, commercial buildings, hospitals.

The position of the numbers on the display panel of this ten-key pad changes each time you use it. This prevents the panel from discoloring or wearing down only on certain locations.


BAC - 001
Applications: Factories, Commercial buildings, condominiums, dormitories, hospitals, others. Access control system using barcode cards which are very durable and reliable.


FPU - 002
Applications: Commercial buildings, laboratories. This unit identifies each registered finger print therefore no need to worry at all about loss, theft or forgery which might happen in card access system.
Handle Locks for Vending Machines.
Complied with the Vending Machine Industry Association Standard in Japan.


Cam Locks (Pin cylinder)
Easy to operate with a wide variety of key changes.


Cam Locks (Magnetic lock)
High-security cam lock. Each customer can be registered with their own key deference charts to prevent duplication of keys among different customers.


Hook Lock for Lockers.
Outstanding at preventing unauthorized opening with force. The hook up prevention mechanism ensures security.


Dial Lock for Mailboxes.
Can be locked/unlocked and the lid opened by a single hand.


Cam Lock for Mailboxes.
Can be locked/unlocked and the lid opened by a single hand.





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