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TouchAccess 200
Intelligent Cabinet & Container Lock

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TouchAccess 200

TouchAccess 200 is not an ordinary cabinet lock, but an intelligent lock that:

  • Identifies who was there
  • Records when they were there
  • Works with keys that cannot be duplicated
  • Lets you define days and times of day that each user has access

This is TouchAccess 200, a durable, intelligent lock from Videx that is easy to install on cabinets, file drawers, and storage chests.

The keys used with TouchAccess 200 are small electronic buttons that uniquely identify each user--no two keys are alike. When an authorized user touches the lock with their key, their key ID is recorded in the lock with the current date and time. Any attempt to open the lock without an authorized key touch will sound a local alarm, and the mechanical lock will not open. Locks can also require two, three, or four keys for an authorized opening.

You control who has access, and at what times. Some workers may have 24-hour access, while others may only have access from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Holidays and non-work days can be easily blocked out.

The comprehensive audit trail stored in TouchAccess 200 is read out later with a Palm III or Palm V handheld organizer, using Videx AuditLink software.


      TouchAccess 200 and Palm



Metal case



5" X 2.6" X 1.3" (127 X 66 X 33 mm)



15 ounces (425 g)



LED, Local alarm greater than 110db



Master Key, 524 access keys, 526 access events



Real-time clock


Event Log

Key ID, access type, open or closed, date and time


Multiple Key Access

2, 3, or 4 keys to gain access



Dallas Semiconductor Touch Memory buttons



Key-activated lock


Timed Access

Programmable access times and days


Data Transfer

Infrared connection to Palm III or Palm V


Battery Life

Up to 1 year with alkaline battery (standard)
Up to 2 years with lithium battery




Copyright 2002 - M.V.M. Security Co., Inc.