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Introducing TouchAccess 300

--a programmable access control system designed for a wide variety of installations.

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TouchAccess 300

TouchAccess 300:

  • Authorizes entry for selected users during specified times and days
  • Records every access event with the user ID, date, and time
  • Works with touch keys that cannot be duplicated
  • Outputs to an electric strike and three optional lines
  • Operates on low-voltage power, 12 - 24 volts
  • Installs in a standard single-gang electrical box

TouchAccess 300 consists of two components: an intelligent controller and the touch key reader. They can both be installed in a single-gang electrical box, or the intelligent controller can be separated and installed in a remote location for added security. TouchAccess 300 can be installed as a stand-alone system using a single output line, or the optional output lines can be used to integrate into other devices such as alarms, cameras, or lights.

Touch keys are small electronic tags with a unique ID. TouchAccess 300 stores a list of authorized keys with their access privileges. The control panel also records authorized openings, tamper events, and denied entry events.

The information stored in TouchAccess 300 is transferred via an infrared connection to a Palm handheld organizer, and is then sent to the PC using Videx AuditLink™ 300 software.

Touch Memory buttons
TouchAccess 300 and Palm



Brushed 11-gauge stainless steel plate


Output Lines

4 total; 2 for authorized entry,


Indoor and outdoor installations


2 for unauthorized event


4.62 x 2.87 x 1.12", Reading pad


Output Capacity

1 5amp line (electric strike or relay);

extends 0.37" from surface of plate


3 lines with 1 amp total


LED, local alarm greater than 110db



Infrared to Palm handheld


Master Key, 499 key IDs, 888 events


Event Log

Key ID, access type,
open or closed, date & time


12-24V AC or DC


Access Modes

Single key or up to four-key access


Real time clock



All Dallas Semiconductor
Touch Memory buttons; unrestricted

Current Draw

10mA idle, 50mA run


Timed Access

Programmable access times and days

Input Lines

Door open indicator; request to exit



Touch Memory Button Specifications


Memory chip stored inside button-shaped, water-resistant, stainless steel case


0.64" diameter x 0.12" height (16.3 x 3.2 mm);
0.64" diameter x 0.23" height (16.3 x 5.9 mm)


0.057 ounces (1.6 g) 3mm
0.12 ounces (3.3 g) 5mm


-40° to 185° F (-40° to 85°C)



Data Storage

Unique 48-bit serial number (read only)


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